Backing Lorinser

To the Journal editor:

I am voting for Dr. Bob Lorinser for Congress because knowing him for a very long time has revealed his true character. I know he actually lives here. I know about his high ethical standards. I know how he has always been a man dedicated to service for others and to something greater than himself.

I know of his intelligence, compassion, balanced wisdom and fearless independence in critical decision making. I know how he speaks truth to power, to oppose bureaucratic bungling. I know how he is always armed with facts, science and compelling logic.

I know we now have a good shot at firing the MAGA robot currently holding our congressional seat, and replacing that with an independent, free thinker, Dr. Bob Lorinser.

Dr. Lorinser and I worked for over 20 years as attending physicians together treating critically ill patients at our regional hospital here in Marquette. He was a doc who was always the patients advocate, possessed great diagnostic ability, and always kept himself up to date with the latest medical science. Indeed, a role model for other physicians.

During my career as an emergency physician, I noticed especially on those ragged, edgy, overwhelming nights when our ER was in crisis mode, how Dr. Bob responded as an efficient, cool-headed team member leading with his heart in service to others.

We also served together on multiple advisory committees providing input based on our clinical experiences to hospital administration on how to improve quality, efficiency and safety of all patient care. Dr. Lorinser courageously resisted and railed against the bureaucracy every time that it threatened the highest standards of any patient’s care.

Dr. Lorinser believes as I do that the physician and patient relationship is a very private and complex sacred space created in service to the patient and insuring the patient’s freedom of choice in medical decisions. The government’s attempt to intrude into this sacred space and remove these freedoms, is them trying to practice medicine without a license or medical education.

Dr. Bob knows the power of public health, and that an ounce of prevention can eliminate many chronic diseases, the suffering that these cause, as well as heading off a huge and growing disease care expense for our country.

These are the reasons you should also vote for Bob Lorinser for Congress.




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