Girls must stay in school

To the Journal editor:

With the pandemic still raging on after two years of its existence, schools are struggling between staying in-person and having to go virtual because of an outbreak.

Education should be a top priority of the United States, but with each year that has gone by during the COVID-19 pandemic, more girls across the globe have seen a complete stoppage in their education.

Comparatively to boys, girls from the ages of 10 to 19 are three times more likely to be kept out of school. When issues arise for families, girls are typically the first to be pulled out of schools.

The United States has the power to change this, we have the power to change this. Currently, there is bill that has been introduced into Congress that tackles this exact problem.

The Keeping Girls in School Act is seeking to ensure equality of education for girls internationally and ultimately breaking the cycle of poverty for millions of families.

We have an opportunity to change the lives of millions of girls, so let’s not pass it up. Call and email your congressional leaders today!


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