A nation of deniers

To the Journal editor:

What kind of nation are we? Are we a nation coming apart at the seams, on a ship of fools, of misguided passengers, unwilling and unable to act to save itself against it many faults? It seems that this nation has long been a nation of deniers.

In denying we fail to address the problems, the history that have been our fatal flaws since day one, ignoring them, understating them, creating myths in place of them, myths that become facts in place of truth and reality, that this nations fails to accept and come to understand and deal with. It is avoidance of reality, it often shows up in an amnesiac history that shuts out much truth in place of easier to accept untruths that hide and cover up the unsavory past in favor of good, greatness, superiority that makes the denying more acceptable easier to face and digest than the truth.

What do we call this? What is this but UN (history), UN (facts)? It is UN (becoming) of a nation of supposedly high ideals, as stated in the Declaration of Independence and enshrined in the Constitution and other noted documents, to deny so much of its past, erasing so much reality as if it never took place or underplaying its importance to the present and its meaning for the future.

Denial seems to be a way of life as we continue to suppress debate on racism by attempting to pass legislation banning the teaching of Critical Race Theory, by the failure to adequately face the Pandemic and accept it as fact and what is happening as real, failing to radically go to war against climate change, global warming, in which the fire season is no longer seasonal, and also deny the injustice and inequality that exists in any and all of this!

To fail to heed and act will be our undoing! I see no justice in the current trend by the polity in UN (building) this nation or the planet. I see no justice in the corporate bottom line leading the way to undoing this nation, this planet. We must UN (corporatize) the polity that is deaf to the real needs of the living and this planet but only to its selfishness and gluttony.




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