Time of reflection

To the Journal editor:

November is upon us. Time for change of seasons, colder temperatures and maybe some snow. Also, it’s the month for Thanksgiving Day, one of the old-time holidays. Now we have so many it’s hard thing to keep up with all of them.

But for me, Thanksgiving is an important day. Time to really reflect on the many things to be thankful for starting with the simple things in life. Years ago that was the way, having a nice family, friends and not such a fast-paced life.

Time to relax and know what’s important. Good health, a decent home, some food to eat. How about being in a warm home during the cold winter days. Back then most people had one car and most of the time a lot of walking and enjoying the great outdoors that the Upper Peninsula of Michigan has to offer.

Now we have the fast-paced life. Many more cars and going faster than ever. I’m back to slowing down and it’s a good way to go with the help of God I will share my final thoughts of Thanksgiving.

Thank you Jesus for saving me not only from my sins but to not live for the worldly desires but to see the beauty of doing God’s will and have the peace and joy that material good or money cannot give me.

So one day at a time and Happy Thanksgiving to all.


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