Support police

To the Journal editor:

I am writing this today because I heard a comment a few weeks ago that greatly upset me. Someone said, “No matter what happens here we don’t bother calling the police because they don’t do anything.” How sad, someone really believes this.

Let me say to our local police, state police, sheriffs, firefighters and all emergency personnel, thank you.

These folks in uniform work very hard to keep us all safe. Many times they are unable to speak about what is happening in a particular instance because there is an investigation going on and they cannot jeopardize it.

Let’s face it, no one calls the police to invite them for tea and cookies! We call them when trouble has happened and we need assistance. Those dedicated folks have no idea what is going to greet them when they answer a call. They have to rely on the information relayed to them and it is not always accurate. Have you noticed how our officers ride alone? Used to be they always had two to a car. Not anymore because there are not enough officers anymore.

These folks work very hard to cross the T’s and dot the I’s. They do thorough investigations, following all the laws, then they turn over their findings to the prosecutors and judges! That’s when it becomes “let’s make a deal!” Many times the guilty walk away with a slap on the wrist and the citizens who got involved become the target of harassment.

So how do we change the system? Those prosecutors and judges are folks we vote into office. Our votes do matter. Don’t just cast your vote for someone because you know a name! Research the person. Look up their record and know what they stand for. All of that information is public record Get involved. When you see something, say something. Our officer cannot do anything if they don’t know what’s happening.

These are our neighborhoods and communities. If we want safe places for our children to grow up and become responsible citizens we all need to be vigilant and be proactive. Set the example for our kids to follow.

Support our folks in uniform and be thankful.


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