People of USA need to help each other

To the Journal editor:

Fall is in the air. Time to enjoy the colored leaves and not have to worry about bugs and the hot, humid weather. Nice to have a change.

Also hope that the people of our USA will try to help and care for each other. If not, it’s not going to be pleasant in the days ahead. Almost being 82, I’m glad I lived at a time when most of us helped and cared for one another. It was not about who got more stuff or money but just the love that was displayed to make life more pleasant which means more happiness and not all the bad news we hear each day: people getting killed, others who don’t want to work, or just think of nurses and doctors who are overworked have to change or the suffering will continue or be worse.

But for one, I continues to carry the message of the real hope is that having the Lord in your life and the spiritual way is the way to keep from getting depressed. Jesus said turn your will and life over to me and you will have peace in this troubled world of ours. It’s true. I can say that. So one day at a time and surely some prayers to God will help get people to work together and help us to have better days ahead, even in our difficult days that we all face in our lives.

God’s blessings to all.




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