Hard history cited

To the Journal editor:

We live in a nation that lives off the spoils of war, where power, profit and the American war machine reign supreme, take precedence over all else.

It is where teaching truth is called revisionism, where the teaching of racial justice is banned and teachers terminated if they do. White supremacy ideology is allowed but to challenging it is not, where dissent and diversity outlawed by school boards.

This is supposed to be a multiracial, multiethnic democracy, but how can that be if diversity, truth and justice are denied, banned out of the classrooms.

Truth can be uncomfortable at times, but should it be denied in face of other more damaging ideology of white supremacy only?

Two of these truths can be found in 1) “WILMINGTON’S LIE — The Murderous Coup of 1898 And the Rise of White Supremacy” (David Zucchino, 2020); and “THE BURNING — The Tulsa Massacre Of 1921” (100th Anniversary Edition, by Tim Madigan, c. 2001, c.2021).

In essence, we live in patriotic, capitalistic democracy, where the oligarchy dictate the definition of the meaning and practice of them, the paradigms in which we live and practice, where diversity and dissent are OK so far as they do not upset and violate the tenants of what the establishment consider to be safe for them, that do not question the rights of the establishment where questions go unanswered and social needs unmet, where rules and regulations are not allowed because they ask for accountability and responsibility that would hinder free-wheeling business, free to make money but not be responsible for the damage they wrought, while doing so.

An un-regulated world is largely responsible for global warming, climate change, extremes weather, failing societies because the polity lacks to the desire to do so. They put profit ahead of life on earth.

Is that more important than to reign in the out of control geopolitical oligarchy for profit that is destroying this world and caring less about life itself in name of the bottom line?? They have an insatiable hunger that ignores all else less it deprives them of a few less dollars.

How much money is too much, do they really need it all, to deprive others of life, liberty and justice and many other equalities for all, but horded by a few?



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