Family thankful

To the Journal editor:

The family of a local, elderly veteran would like to express sincere appreciation for the generous contributions recently made by a few very special local entities.

Mr. Richard Wood and the 906 Warrior Relief Fund, as well as Mr. Craig Salo and the Marquette County Veterans’ Service Office honored the local veteran’s military service by working to obtain and provide funding for Rainy Creek Construction to replace the severely dilapidated roof on this veteran’s garage, which was beginning to become a safety concern.

The veteran is too feeble to redo the roof himself, and he could not afford to pay someone else to do it for him. In addition, Rainy Creek Construction very kindly waived the remainder of the balance and even offered to paint the garage for no extra expense on the veteran’s party

The veteran spends a great deal of time tinkering in his garage and the new roof will allow him to maintain his hobbies and his quality of life.

Marquette County is truly blessed to have such valuable veterans’ resources, caring business owners, and a whole host of people who work hard for and sincerely care about our local veterans!

Sincerely yours,


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