Theft of signs from yard shows disrespect for homeowner’s rights

To the Journal editor:

I live on Eagles Nest Road in Marquette Township. My husband and I were out of town last weekend and when we returned home one of our yard signs had been stolen. It was a yard sign in support of a group called Citizens for a Safe and Clean Lake Superior. The sign is alerting people to a proposed rocket launch site at Granite Loma, which is located approximately 10 miles from Marquette. Our sign and 14 others on our roaod were stolen over the weekend. I contacted the sheriff’s office about the theft.

It is my understanding that stealing property valued at $200 or more but less than $1,000 carries misdemeanor penalties of up to one year’s jail time and a $2,000 fine in Michigan.

I don’t expect every person to agree with the message on this sign but it is our right to display it.




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