Rights go in both directions

To the Journal editor:

After a year of only video contact and occasional throug- the-window short-term meetings, we finally got near some kind of normal and were able to safely gather the family back home with her.

We all did our part to bring the virus under control, practiced social distancing, wore masks, and got our shots.

It was great to have the freedom back to get together and enjoy the opportunity to share family time again. It was well worth the effort for what we gained. “Freedom isn’t free” and we paid the price.

But due to those who’s definition of freedom puts personal choice over social responsibility, the introduction of a new variation of covid was allowed to spread. Now, it has been months since we have been able to enjoy outside contact with her.

Due to covid infections within the facility, all from unvaxed workers, restrictions are back in place. The actions of their choices has an impact not only on the unvaxed residents who got the virus, but also the families who now have to sacrifice even more precious time to get our freedom back.

At this point the deaths and personal separations are all preventable. The consequences of ignoring the science extend well beyond avoiding death and have an impact on thousands of families like ours.

We are blessed to still be able to share life with parents in their 90s. But our freedom to do so is limited by the behavior of those imposing their perceived “freedom” to not follow proven measures to eliminate this health concern.

The result is continued loss of “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” for the majority of us citizens willing to do our patriotic part to end this pandemic.

Our rights matter too.


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