For whom and what do you labor?

To the Journal editor:

A question that occasionally comes to our minds is, “Why am I doing this?”

As Labor Day approached, I asked my Creator, “For whom and what do I labor?” The reply gave cause for long moments of reflection:

“Chuck, you labor that goodness and I may be made known.”

In other words, my daily labors are part of a bigger picture. As a hospice chaplain, I labor in order that (1) patients and caregivers may all find comfort on their final earthly journey, and that (2) others may have precious memories for their continued journey. Goodness envelopes the entire process.

Remuneration from my daily labor supplies the means for me to provide for my family, as well as for others in their time of need. Thru our labors goodness appears in many dimensions, and often continues unabated.

The root word for God is “good”. May we not lose sight of the fact that our labors make known both goodness and God.

Blessings on your labors.


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