Perspective given

To the Journal editor:

We are into the summer season, time to enjoy the outdoor activities. Swimming, biking, walking, etc. So far the Upper Peninsula has been blessed with no extreme hot weather, tornados, heavy rain.

Many parts of the U.S. have had lots of bad weather. Also, I hope that as we have already celebrated freedom July 4 that with COVID almost over that we, the people, will now learn to help one another respect and be more caring.

One thing that has not changed is the dangerous driving of some people. Passing on no passing lanes, going way too fast and some still talking on phones. It’s not safe driving. I’ve had some close calls recently a car passed three of us on Marquette County Road 480, Could have been a bad situation if a car would have been coming toward us.

It’s sad to see more people and more building going on around Marquette. No more peaceful quiet life. How time changes. Marquette, as I knew growing up, was really nice. But at 81 years old, I’m glad that I was able to live in a small town at the time and most likely it will never get back to what it was like.

So, I’m lucky to not have to be out in the big rush, lots of cars, more stores and go, go, go. As I have written many times before, the peace of the Lord is what really helps me. The Lord’s message is rest with me. One day at a time.

Don’t worry too much about what you eat or wear, etc. Seek the kingdom of his home, heaven, where joy will be forever and love will abound. No cars, stores or the earthly desires. Thanks be to God for the best gift ever.

Final saying, Jesus is the way, the truth and life. Amen.




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