McBroom on right track in ballot report

To the Journal editor:

Alger County Action has awaited the results of the Michigan Senate Oversight Committee’s months-long investigation into the integrity of the November 2020 General Election results with skepticism.

Our organization is not often in agreement with our state Sen. Ed McBroom (R-Waucedah Township) who, as chairman of the committee, led the investigation.

In the past, Sen. McBroom has aligned himself with those who baselessly insist that the election was fraudulent.

We are surprised and relieved by Sen McBroom’s conclusions from the careful and thorough investigation. In the statement and full report released on June 23, he states, “I am confident in asserting that the results of the November 2020 General Election in Michigan were accurately represented by the certified and audited results.”

He notes that under Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson’s leadership, the county clerks perform audits with the aid of township and municipal clerks, following a rigorous 66 step procedure.

The report states that these audits are “dependable and creditable.” Elsewhere, the report states that a forensic audit, like the current Arizona audit, is not necessary.

We do question how, with his commendation of the accuracy of results, he finds it necessary to address “glaring vulnerabilities” by means of 39 voter suppression bills.

However, we applaud Sen. McBroom and other members of the Senate Oversight Committee for aligning themselves with the facts they found despite the political risks for some of them. This feels like bipartisanship and democracy.

From members of Alger County Action.


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