Hypocrisy reigns in US

To the Journal editor:

Hypocrisy reigns in the United States, with its leadership and their policies, when it comes to voter suppression and intervention in the affairs of others than the leadership of this nation. There is much interference and or attempts, domestically speaking, in our elections and the voters through various acts of suppression already in place in this nation and with mostly Republican dominated legislatures to further deny freedom of action in voting, through various acts of suppression, directed largely in the direction blacks and other people of color. They, largely the Republicans, cannot win on an even playing field so they must finds ways to limit the right to vote, of those most likely not to vote for their nothing to offer agendas.

This is interference in the right to choose, or to deny them such rights. The hypocrisy is in that leaders of this nation accuse others, of interfering in USA elections, while at the same time doing and have been doing much the same, in worse ways around the world, and in particular Latin American nations. The sovereignty of nations means little to the USA who does as it pleases, using democracy and freedom, and humanitarian aid as excuses, while deny such to those who rise up against dictators and tyrants, striving to bring freedom and democracy to their own nations. Nicaragua is one such nation, Venezuela is another, and I would also include Cuba, which has long been under USA sanctions and embargo. Cuba overthrew a USA backed dictator and tyrant, Venezuela is sovereign, democracy, and Nicaragua over threw a dictator and tyrant, also supported by the USA. In all three cases their sovereignty has been questioned by the USA and denied through sanctions, boycotts and embargos.

This policy is old, but I would quote President Obama, from 2015, when he “…initiated sanctions against Venezuela, declaring a “national emergency with respect to the unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy of the United States…”

It is not a matter of national security to be a free and sovereign nation, and none of these nations are the threat they are made out to be. Their only threat, as seen by American policy makers is their sovereignty. Anything else is a distortion of reality.





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