Climate isn’t changing

To the Journal editor:

It has been amusing to deal with the true believers of global warming-climate change on the basis of micro history.

But now these people have expanded to previous history without realizing they have destroyed their own argument. They have gone back in time to the year 1880 to reference some data published by NASA of a 2 degrees increase in global temperatures.

What they want to imply is that the world will continue to warm at 2 degrees every 141 years. Instead, what they have conclusively proven is that the activities have had little to do with the global warming.

I have warned in previous posts that if one uses history to prove a point, one inherits the whole history, not just the part that supports their argument.

As per 1880, we were coming out of the little Ice Age of the 1700s — early 1800s where thousands of people froze starved or migrated in mass to warmer areas.

As the planet was warming back to historical norms, it stalled for a period, then continued about 1880 until it reached previous levels.

However, many have used 1880 as a baseline to prove rapid warming. This was the same trick used with our nuclear winter from which Michael Mann’s hockey stick showed a phony spectacular rise.

While in truth, the global temperature was simply returning to where it had been. We have sediment data going back some 600 million years, a significant portion of which there was human habitation. These data have shown to sufficient accuracy that the earth has undergone periodic cycles of higher and lower temperatures and carbon dioxide than present levels. This should convince even the more skeptical that no matter where one thinks we are, are going, we have been here before.

We have crashed through the mythical tipping point a couple of dozen times. What I would like to see is these reputable scientists, all whom agree, go on record staking their names and reputations on the line by insisting that these geological cycles of high and low temperatures will cease in the future, with or without human intervention.

How about that guys and gals. Any takers?


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