Online activity appalling

To the Journal editor:

I recently read, with horrified disbelief, an article in the April 24 edition of The Traverse City Record-Eagle titled “HATE-CHAT: Area students hold mock slave auction, spew racist rhetoric online.”

I am a fellow Michigander, living in the Upper Peninsula and am absolutely disgusted and appalled by the behavior of these students. Mostly, however, I am frightened. Is this the way children are being brought up today? Where are they learning that this behavior is OK?

I look to the parents. This is wrong on so many levels. I can tell you, Ms. Wharton, that there are people that are very bothered by this behavior and I thank you for speaking out.

These students should unquestionably be punished. Shame on all of you that participated in this repugnant, detestable online event.

I have always enjoyed visiting Traverse City but will think twice in the future. Any community that raises children with this type of ignorance and hate is not a community I want any part of.


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