Whitmer, Nessel off base on Line 5

To the Journal editor:

Gov. Whitmer and her buddy, Attorney General Nessel, are at it again. These two women, pandering to their left environmental zealots, are still trying to get Line 5 shut down.

It obviously doesn’t matter to them that they are wasting millions of our tax dollars, even though they have not won a single case in court against pipeline owner Embridge.

Whitmer and Nessel aren’t looking for a safe pipeline, they are looking for no pipeline at all. Apparently, Whitmer thinks that either truck or rail are a safer and cheaper means to transport our fuel.

Not only are they not safer and cheaper but we will be paying for the added costs to transport our fuel. The agreement that then-Gov. Snyder made with Embridge at the end of his term called for Embridge to pay the costs to construct and maintain the tunnel beneath the straits and Michigan could use it for infrastructure at no cost to the state. That is what is called a win-win situation but apparently it doesn’t fit Whitmer’s left wing agenda.

State Rep. Sara Cambensy, D-Marquette, found that shutting this line down would hurt the Upper Peninsula. It would affect the propane refinery in Rapid River as well as a Marathon refinery in southern Michigan and the fueling depot at Detroit Metro Airport, to name a few.

Sara told us that she was being called a “traitor” in her own party because she was not towing the party line. If Whitmer would have let Embridge build the line right away, it would be partly completed by now but the company has been kept busy playing games with Whitmer and Nessel in court.

If the governor wants to fulfill some campaign promises so badly like Line 5, then hopefully she will restore the 4 ½ percent tax to our pensions that Snyder took from us to give his buddies in big business a tax break.

She also campaigned on making the governor’s office subject to F.O.I.A. …

Hopefully, Whitmer will be a one-term governor. Either Whitmer is surrounded by idiots or she is totally out of touch with reality and a lot of her constituents. I can only wonder which scenario is scarier.


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