Vaccination went smoothly at NMU

To the Journal editor:

I just wanted to write a letter of thanks to all the people responsible. We finally got our first vaccination for COVID-19.

We had put our names on many lists and finally we got a call to go to Northern Michigan University. Everyone there was so helpful and accommodating.

We received our vaccination and then were encouraged to wait 15 minutes to make sure we did not have a reaction. We were at NMU in the rooms above the bookstore. In that room we had refreshments and when our 15 minutes were up we were allowed to leave and encouraged to come back in four weeks for our second shot.

So for those who are doubtful, please do go and get your vaccination as we can see by the news the actual numbers are coming down. So I am thinking — if we all do our parts, masks, washing hands and distancing — we are really going to see the pandemic going away! Thank you President Biden!

I thank the people involved were people from NMU, the Marquette County Health Department and the National Guard. Thank you!




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