System complicated

System complicated

To the Journal editor:

There exists, in the world, a double-standard, applied to some but not to others, in which exceptionalism and manifest destiny applies only to a few, or to one, with others expected to give respect to, regardless of the policies of the one, the empire that thinks of itself above all and second to none, always right, never wrong, never guilty and always justified in its global dominance policies.

That country “… has an ideology of world hegemony and does not accept any prospect of any country being sovereign in acting on its own.”

Behind this ideology, the attitude of world dominance is capitalism, the bottom line, wealth, power and billionaires. Corruption of life and the political system is necessary to support this, and world-wide intervention into the lives of people and nations who stand in the way of this capitalistic juggernaut.

Global warming and climate change lag in importance to this juggernaut, which includes all life on earth, the right to equality in all things that give life its meaning and substance, but which too many lack access to at the behest empires of the past and the global empire and its allies of today, who ride along on the crest of the wealthy nations and the few within those nations who benefit unequally.

It is on an uneven playing field that politics and economics that the polity exists and thrives to the detriment of too many others, fairness is denied by a selfish few.

Control the economy, control the money, the polity, suppressing the vote of those perceived as threatening to the system benefitting the establishment which has little it is willing to cede to the underworld. It is hypocritical to call this nation a democracy or even a Republic when it denies real freedom and equality to one and all.

We sanction both within and without accusing many of being “an unusual and extraordinary threat to the (U.S.) national security and foreign policy.” The “unabsorbed of which there are many are the threat to the system that offers to little to so many and give so much to so few.”

The system and the establishment must undergo radical change from what continues to threaten all with catastrophic destruction of the environment and all that exists with this one world we live on.


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