Identification needed

To the Journal editor:

This letter is in response to the article, “LWV supports Democracy Reform” by Darlene Allen, president of the League of Women Voters of Marquette County, posted in The Mining Journal on March 16.

Yes, HR-1 bill will make our election system more accessible to all Americans including the dead, illegals, 16-year-olds, etc. This is far from fair as voter ID is not required.

I recently had the COVID-19 vaccine, needing to provide ID as well as the library, Secretary of State, prescriptions and other places. Even the DNC Convention had to have identification to participate.

So, anyone may go to a voting precinct, give a false name and address, vote then go to another precinct and do the same with another false name and address.

Just think of it! In addition, federal jurisdiction will dictate election laws and states rights will be no longer concerning voting rights.

Our tax dollars will be used for all to get mail-in ballots and have 10 days after the election to be counted. In the last election multiple ballots were sent to single eligible voters.

One family member received a ballot for a son who hadn’t lived there in 30 years. And then there are people who have multiple homes.

I am told there are 800 pages to this bill, most of which is screamingly horrible for all Americans. It is appalling that someone with such a significant influence would ever support such a bill. My focus here is on one aspect of it only.

I ask, is this what/who you want to support?


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