Climate is not changing

To the Journal editor:

From the beginning of time, tyrants and politicians have known that one can control us by creating a “state of fear.” They thus can stampede us into agreeing to things that we wouldn’t have, if we had time to think them through.

I assert that such a case is the Global Warming/Climate Change scare. Global warming fell out of favor as word leaked out that there wasn’t enough warming to scare anyone. So the crisis became Climate Change.

Somehow what was going to fix GW is now going to fix Climate Change, namely the reduction of Carbon Dioxide.

The myth that man made CO2 is some kind of pollutant has been accepted by many oblivious to the fact that it is no different than what Mother Nature produces. Since Mother Nature produces about 97% of atmospheric CO2, one would have to conclude Mother Nature is polluting the earth, and by controlling the 3% of CO2 due to human activities one can dial in a non-changing climate.

What is climate? The average annual weather. Weather itself is the result of heat moving from high to low temperatures.

Note this doesn’t necessarily require a change in temperatures but only direction. Thus if one wants to reduce climate change, one must stop all building, road paving, windmills and building large air-conditioned cities like Las Vegas in the middle of a desert.

Since causation is hard to prove, most have tried to show correlation. However correlation can be misused. Just because a frog and an eagle are traveling in the same direction does not prove the frog is an eagle. Likewise two extreme weather events occurring 1,000 miles apart at a different time period is not evidence of human-caused climate change.

In fact correlation has become “implication” which is certainly not science. Statisticians have a method for measuring the degree of correlation; (least squares fit) which is essentially the RMS error between two events.

If one tries to correlate for instance, CO2 and temperature one can simply look at our “Nuclear Winter” of the 1970s to note CO2 and temperatures moved in opposite directions, thus no calculation is necessary to show zero correlation.

Just as correlation does not prove causation, implication does not prove correlation.


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