Supports Morgan appointment

To the Journal editor:

The Upper Peninsula was in the spotlight in early February, due to the continued clash between the governor and the legislature, resulting in university board vacancies across the region. The GOP majority in the state Senate fought Gov. Whitmer’s COVID-19 protocols by rejecting several of Whitmer’s appointments to university boards.

The Mining Journal reported that state Sen. Ed McBroom took a bold approach to combat the governor’s unwillingness to negotiate on COVID-19 safety protocols. NPR aired McBroom’s statement in the Senate where he expressed concern over the governor’s unilateral actions, feeling that the legislature’s power had been “abrogated, emasculated, taken away.”

Among those rejected by McBroom is Jason Morgan, who was appointed to the NMU Board of Trustees. Morgan served as president of the student government when he attended Northern just a decade ago. During Morgan’s tenure as president, he led students to the state capitol to rally and lobby congress to improve college affordability. He was also a leader in the fight for clean energy. The current campus community excitedly awaited his confirmation to the board due to his understanding of the real issues facing students.

College affordability and climate action are still at the forefront of concerns for students, who need representation and advocacy on the board through someone like Morgan who understands the importance of these issues.

Morgan’s rejection to the board could not come at a worse time in regards to climate change. The university has recently been urged to adopt a plan to make Northern carbon neutral by 2050 at the latest. Morgan should be in the room to contribute to the discussion around a net-zero commitment. His knowledge about the climate crisis and shared passion with students on climate solutions are an invaluable asset that the board is short of without him.

Jason is a successful young professional with outstanding credentials. Only good would come from his ultimate approval. We urge Sen. McBroom to fight in Lansing for what’s best for our district. It’s time to put progress at the forefront, while the state continues to handle the virus with vaccine rollout. We deserve adept leaders to guide our campuses and represent students’ needs.


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