Should basketball courts have mosaics?

To the Journal editor:

As part of Marquette’s Hurley Park restoration, the Arts Commission plans to paint the entire basketball court with modern art mosaic designs that make the basketball lines difficult sometimes impossibler to find, especially for children and adults who have difficulty focusing. There are 7 choices.

The art designs, although beautiful, interfere with playing the sport, especially if you are trying to learn or concentrate on your game.

They are designs similar to small colorful puzzle pieces more appropriate for fun skipping around, playing tag, biking, and skateboarding, not basketball.

The court could instead be painted with reasonable designs that accommodate art and the love and playing of basketball at the same time.

The area around the net and guidelines could be clearly painted with a different color from the rest of the court as seen at colleges and professional courts.

Parents, grandparents, coaches, and basketball players of all ages can contact tmorin@marquettemi.gov, call 906-228-0472 or the city commission to voice your opinion and get more information before April 9th.

You can also go to www.marquettemi.gov, look for the Hurley Park Queen City Courts Mural Project -Community forms and click on the huge http:formsgle link.

You will notice that no NCAA or professional courts are painted with distracting modern art mosaic puzzle pieces.

These mosaic designed basketball courts may be coming to your neighborhood park soon if the Arts Commission gets their way. Why stop with basketball courts? Let’s coat your favorite regulation hockey rink, tennis court, baseball field, and football field with mosaic art.

Who needs easily seen lines to help you know where you are?





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