Hope is necessary

To the Journal editor:

How about some good news first of all. Let’s have hope that 2021 will surely be better than 2020. Maybe with President Biden trying to do all he can will help. But it seems if you watch the news it will still be a divided Senate. But we the people can work together and make things better for our country and the state of Michigan. First is caring for and helping each other. Not the hate stuff. How about getting along even if we have a different opinion also with the vaccine coming it could be good news that we can get back to getting out to see and visit family friends on a personal level. Not hopefully with masks or Facebook or smart phones etc. But it may take a while so the other good news is its been a pretty nice winter. Not a lot of snow and not real cold. For me getting out to walk in different places and ride around in my car I’m thankful for the beauty of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Most of all you can find quiet places to get away from the fast-paced world, the 24 hour, seven days a week stuff.

In conclusion I’m trusting in God as I said many times on our paper money it says In God We Trust. Give it a try. You will find it the way to peace, joy and help you each day in our fast-moving world. The days are getting longer and soon comes spring. More good news on the way. Thank you.




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