History center a local gem

To the Journal editor:

I have lived in Marquette for most of my life and I had never realized what a marvelous museum we truly have until recently.

The Marquette Regional History Center is one of the highest quality, affordable, and truly interesting places in our city. It captures everything to know about the past and present of our community while creating an amazingly captivating and interactive display.

Young and old alike will be enchanted by the beautiful and informative scenes, with thousands of artifacts that will teach and delight every soul who sees it. There is so much to learn about the marvelous place we live in, and the museum captures it all.

The designers and managers have put so much time, effort, and money into the paradise it has become, with everything from famous hockey scenes to Native American wigwams and furs to antique dollhouses that are all available to see and touch. If you have not explored the Marquette Regional History Center, I sincerely suggest you do.

They are doing an incredible job keeping the place COVID-19 clean. With only allowing 10 people at a time, a large, ventilated area, and sanitizing regularly, it is completely safe.

There are hand-sanitizing stations placed frequently around the building, and a minimal amount of visitors. Very worthwhile and the perfect place to go! I recommend this to students, family visitors, couples, and anyone who would like to learn more about the fascinating history and evolution of Marquette.

If you have time, their gift shop is equipped with local art, stones, books, rock-finding guides, jewelry, games, and things for young children, as well as the most perfect, beautiful cards.

I have been to museums in cities like Chicago, and I am proud to say that ours is equally, if not superiorly engaging and pristine. It is a miracle, a wonder that will inspire generations to come.

More at marquettehistory.org

Adults – $7

Seniors – $6

Students (including college) – $3

12 & Under – $2

I would like to add that I am not an employee of the history museum, nor was I hired to write this for them. I chose to write it on my own accord because I firmly believe that we should take advantage of the beautiful place we have.


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