Questions posed

To the Journal editor:

Reverend Langseth, you questioned the validity of questioning ‘voter irregularities’ in this past election from our elected officials and I believe you are owed a public response.

However, I would appreciate it if you would explain your apparent ‘voter irregularity’ as a pastor in voting/supporting the party that wholeheartedly supports abortion.

I hope you will answer three questions forthrightly and directly without dodging them.

1) I was a full-time pastor for about 35 years and I once asked the congregation during a contested ‘voter irregularity’ presidential election a simple question from the pulpit; “Would someone please explain to me how it is that we worship God on Sunday and vote to kill babies on Tuesday?” To this day, not one of them explained that to me, so I believe you maybe able to supply me with that long awaited answer.

2) Speaking of seven points, Proverbs 6:16-17 says there are seven things that God hates, the last of which “are hands that shed innocent blood.” Do you believe those in the womb are innocent and are not guilty of committing any crime, or do they deserve the death penalty on the “altar of choice”?

3) Psalm 139:13-16 says that He knew all of us before we were conceived, our names were already written in a book in heaven, and He gave us the number of days we were to have before we even existed. Do you believe that is true or false? Why or why not?

Thank you in advance for your public responses.


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