Letter writer answered

In the Feb. 12 edition of The Mining Journal, Pastor D. Michael Carriere publicly called out Reverend Langseth by posing three questions to him. Although not invited to this event, I, the Irreverent Bryan Hill, will answer these from my point of view.

1.) Perhaps church goers who “worship God on Sunday and vote to kill babies on Tuesday” are actually voting to save U.S. from POTUS Trump. Perhaps they are intelligent, multi-issue voters who know that abortion is but one of many important factors to consider and that preventing abortion is less important than keeping POTUS Trump from destroying the U.S.

2.) Perhaps your God hates hands that shed innocent blood, but then, according to Noah, your God apparently murdered a lot of people by drowning them during a flood. I find it difficult to believe that out of all the world at that time, all but one family were sinners who had apparently sinned beyond the point of redemption.

To this day, floods regularly kill people, including fetus-bearing women and babies, so I contend that your God continues to kill innocent people and their world by flood, making your God’s rainbow promise a heavenly lie.

A fetus is neither innocent, guilty nor deserving of death. However, apparently your God created humans with sexual equipment and desires such that a woman will get pregnant without her intent to get pregnant.

Therefore, perhaps your God is guilty of forcing non-consenting women to accept the invasion of their bodies by a fetus. The “altar of choice” is merely the affirmation of a woman’s right to chose to be fetus-free.

3.) The “Bible” is merely a foreign history written by fallible human beings who, although inspired by their belief in your God, are sinners. Therefore, I believe Psalm 139:13-16 is false.

Although Carriere and his (followers) are free to be single-issue voters against abortion, they should focus less on forcing anti-abortion laws on everyone else and focus more on their own personal abstinence from sexual intercourse and abortion.

If their God truly exists and hates hands that shed innocent blood, then perhaps they can let their God handle the punishment in the afterlife rather than forcing their wrath in their God’s name on all of us during this life.

In short, lives matter, the woman’s much more so than the fetus’.


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