Doubts linger about November election

To the Journal editor:

Recently there has been the usual flood of letters from certain groups trying to cast representative Jack Bergman in a negative light.

The latest has to do with the lawsuit on four states’ legality of electoral votes. This suit was doomed from the beginning as no judge or court (or me for that matter) would rule on something that might flip an election. They would bend themselves into a pretzel not to hear it or toss it on a technicality which is what happened. However I think the courts should revisit this case. The questions here is: can the Governor or Secretary of State bypass the state legislature in being in sole charge of election law, as in my opinion is clearly prescribed in the U.S. Constitution, by simply declaring an “emergency”?

There is no doubt in my mind that the U.S. Constitution was violated. This needs to be settled before another election. As per the penalty; no favorable fix for all is possible after an election, so a severe penalty must be in place in advance.

This must be one that no one will be tempted to act without the approval of their state legislature. Whether a loss of electoral votes is appropriate or not is above my pay grade and the courts also may choose to kick that part back to the states.

To complicate matters further, it seems that the various Secretaries of State consider it a victory if they get 100% or more of the voters to the polls; legal or otherwise. This almost always is by relaxing standards for a legal vote or voter. It needs to be impressed on Secretaries of State that although they have the executive duty to conduct an election they do not have the legislative or judicial authority to alter election law.

Compounding this attitude is the one that inaccurate or out of date voter rolls are not important. Thus every attempt to clean up the voter rolls is met with a resistance. It seems to depend on who is doing the requesting.

I like most Americans hope that Joe Biden legally won the presidency. However just watching the Michigan returns, I have this lingering feeling that all was not well.




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