Dems thirst for revenge

To the Journal editor:

This is in reply to Jeffrey Prusi’s letter of Jan. 22 in which Mr. Prusi believes that any elected representative or senator that had the audacity to challenge election results should be kicked out of office.

Apparently, Mr. Prusi doesn’t understand how democracy works. Elections have been challenged in the past, this is nothing new, these elected officials had every right to challenge the election even though it got them exactly nowhere, so why the outrage?

Mr. Prusi also thinks that the lawyers involved should be disbarred. My question is, why? Because they also dared to challenge the election? If a lawsuit is deemed “frivolous,” it is simply thrown out, happens every day.

Apparently, Mr. Prusi (doesn’t know) how the justice system works as well. Whether or not Donald Trump is guilty or not remains to be seen because he has not been to trial.

What I find worrisome is that Trump was impeached by the House of Representatives twice and each time without a hearing in the house. He wasn’t allowed to defend himself nor have legal representation there, they just took a vote to impeach him.

Mr. Prusi, if you were accused of a crime, what would you say if the prosecution presented its case and when your lawyer stood up to present yours, he or she was told to sit down and then the judge pronounced you guilty? That is exactly what happened in the House of Representatives and the members that voted for impeachment without a hearing should have been removed.

The House violated its own rules by doing this. Furthermore, the Democrats have done everything they could to get Trump out of office starting at day one. They haven’t let up for one minute and are still persecuting him even though he left office.

This is nothing but a thirst for vengeance perpetrated by Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler and Chuck Shumer, all of whom love spending our money on endless investigations and impeachments.

President Biden talks about “unity” yet condones impeachment. Talk about hypocrisy! I believe those that took part in the Capitol riot should be held accountable. It is fine to protest but rioting should never be tolerated as well as any takeover of government property.

Mr. Prusi, forfeiture of due process is what took place in Nazi Germany. It shouldn’t happen here.



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