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To the Journal editor:

The scheme by MAMA cheerleaders and shortsighted members of the County Commission related to the vertical launch spaceport siting, is the classic “bait & switch” ploy. What was initially outlined to the public was for any spaceport launch to be located at K.I. Sawyer.

For decades this has been an industrial developed site. It was a shock to almost everyone that the location was secretly changed to a priceless natural wild area, Granot Loma on the shore of Lake Superior.

I would not expect the MAMA promoters of this heavy industry activity to have any loyalty or commitment to Marquette or the Lake Superior watershed. But those who know our history and have witnessed how painstakingly slow the industrial blight has been removed from our downtown lakeshore should have learned a lesson. We have made great progress in returning our lakeshore to a valuable and beautiful place. We must learn from our history.

The underhanded way this plan has been revealed is unethical, and the jobs claimed could also have been at Sawyer avoiding the desecration of our world class natural recreation areas that are adjacent to the North Country National Scenic Trail.

In fact, the data from other similar vertical launch sites reveals that the number of jobs claimed to be created by MAMA is likely greatly exaggerated. The treasure of Lake Superior’s fresh water can never be used as a wastebasket for rocket debris.

We also need to look at this from the 30,000-foot perspective. These satellites look to be primarily for e-commerce. Does that really help our local brick and mortar businesses be more competitive? Also according to Science News in 2020, astronomers are very concerned that the plethora of satellites planned will interfere with their timely detection of near Earth asteroids that could threaten all life on our planet.

For the above reasons and many others too numerous for this format, the Marquette City Commission should pass a resolution requiring MAMA to abandon all vertical launch plans here. Such a resolution will have a great impact as public opposition to this bad idea grows.


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