Those behind unrest must be accountable

To the Journal editor:

“This election was stolen.” That is false. “Millions of fraudulent votes” That is false. “Election fraud.” That is false.“It was antifa.” That is false.

What happened on January 6, 2021 is mainly on Donald Trump’s shoulders. The seditious riots in Washington D.C. on January 6th are to be blamed on his incitement to riot rallies. Every elected official who knowingly perpetuated these lies is unfit for public office.

Every elected official who believed these lies and perpetuated them is unfit for public office. Every one of these elected officials who participated in this seditious, unAmerican behavior should immediately resign from office. Barring that the House and the Senate should censure them at the very least if not expel them from office.

Every one of our elected officials who challenged the election results are to blame. Are you listening Congressman Bergman? Every member of the House of Representatives who voted to over turn certain states election results are unfit to be in the United States House of Representatives. Again, are you listening Congressman Bergman? Every Senator who voted to challenge the election results is unfit to be a United States senator.

Every one of the lawyers who filed the bogus lawsuits should be censured or disbarred.

Not one shred credible of evidence of voter or election fraud was produced in any courtroom. A lot of hot air outside the courtrooms was expended claiming fraud, but not in any courtroom. Why was no evidence of fraud produced in any courtroom? Because there was none.

Why didn’t any of his lawyers claim fraud in any courtroom? Because claiming fraud in a deposition in court when there is none is a good way to get disbarred and lose your license to practice law.

What happened in D.C. on the 6th has been described as an attempted coup.

An attempt to over turn the free and fair presidential election of 2020. I cannot and do not disagree with that assessment.

The FBI and the Capital Police are looking to identify as many of the perpetrators as possible.

They can find the head man just left the Oval Office and many of his accomplices in the House and Senate chambers.




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