Signing up for vaccine not easy

To the Journal editor:

When calling the Marquette County Health Department’s vaccine appointment phone line, I was informed that slots had already been filled. Furthermore, I was instructed “keep your eyes and ears open for further information.”

This apparently means that we all must constantly monitor the news, jump on the telephone when they name a time to call, for a possible appointment and then hope we might get one or go back to monitoring the news to hope for another chance.

This is not only silly and inefficient, It is disrespectful to us citizens. At a time when our country is apparently already separated into warring camps, why force us into e-Bay-like competition with each other to “win our bid”?

Let us simply sign up on a list and let the Health Dept. call us when they have an adequate supply of vaccine for us. This is what many other communities are successfully doing without the requirement of a weekly frantic rush to the phone to compete with our neighbors.


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