Opposes recent letter

To the Journal editor:

I would like to respond to Mr. Gary Ruhinen’s letter to the editor dated Dec. 31, 2020.

His letter lends support to U.S. Rep. Jack Bergman’s decision to sign on to an unprecedented lawsuit launched by one state against four other states requesting that they invalidate a substantial number of already certified votes.

Although I agree that there is a legal right to contest an election, this lawsuit seemed beyond the pale primarily because there had been no evidence presented either publicly or in the 53-plus other lawsuits that had been launched.

Apparently, Mr. Ruhinen does not realize that in order for any of those 53-plus lawsuits to continue, significant evidence would have had to be presented. That did not happen because there was no evidence. They were all immediately dismissed by the judges, some of whom were conservative judges appointed by the president.

Because all of the allegations and claims regarding election fraud are not backed up with evidence, I conclude that they are nothing more than hype and propaganda. I have had a much different concept of what is happening here and it is much more ominous: a thinly veiled, slow-motion attempted coup d’etat. How does that reconcile with the concept of a true democracy?

Does Mr. Bergman realize that he was abetting this attempted coup?


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