Hold rep accountable

To the Journal editor:

The domestic terrorists who attacked the capitol (last) Wednesday are responsible for their part in trying to overthrow our democracy, their violent behavior, the bloodshed and destruction they incurred. They should suffer the consequence of their actions.

But they were led by President Trump inciting a riot and our representative, U.S. Rep. Jack Bergman’s complicit support of what he knew to be false allegations of fraud in our voting process.

He was called upon to certify an Electoral College vote to finalize the election results. Over 50 legal suits were not able to show any credible evidence of voter fraud.

Hand recounts of paper ballots, audits, board of canvassers’ certification, Republican and Democratic secretaries of state assurances that in the height of this pandemic, the American People voted in historic numbers in a fair election were not considered by Jack Bergman.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were duly elected and Donald Trump lost. The process before Congress was simply to recognize the Electoral College proof of that fact.

In the face of bloodshed, mob violence, jeopardizing the safety of members of Congress, and the capitol itself, Bergman threw aside his oath of office, his pledge to protect our democracy and the constitution and voted to challenge an election process which put him in office.

At a time which demanded affirmation of our democracy, the rule of law and the will of voters; he pledged allegiance to the Trump cult and false allegations.

Jack Bergman deserves censure by the U.S. House of Representatives. He needs to hear from his constituents. His behavior brought shame to this nation. We the people deserve better.

If he is looking for a way to redeem himself, tell him to vote for the impeachment of Donald Trump.


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