History lesson adds perspective

To the Journal editor:

In the wake of the recent assault on the U.S. capitol building by Trump thugs there has been much talk of the difference between the ways black-African American protesters and this largely white American mob have played out. In the midst of this debate and by way of perspective we would all do well to hark to the Dakota war of 1862 in Minnesota.

In this case the Native population, incited in large part by naked treaty abrogation by the U.S. government, rose up and attacked white settlements. Some settlers and some Dakota were killed.

In the aftermath, 303 Native Americans were tried and sentenced to death. Ultimately, President Lincoln, oversaw the public hanging of “only” 38 of them!

Three hundred Native Americans, driven off their land, disrespected and denigrated by the U.S. government and urged on by deprivation rose up, challenged an occupying government and were sentenced to death!

So far, as a result of the hideous debauch of our capitol, the symbol of all we hold dear as a democracy, sentences have included only unlawful entry and disorderly conduct!

Do those arguing and protesting racial, ethnic differences have a point to make?


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