Bergman must go

To the Journal editor:

The 2020 election should have been an example for the world — a contentious election during a pandemic with high voter turn out which the Department of Homeland Security declared one of the safest and most secure in history. A victory for Democracy! Legal challenges were made, as is the right of the challenger — and were thrown out for lack of evidence. The US Attorney General reported no irregularities. The only thing left was a peaceful transition of power. Sadly, in this we have failed.

This post election period is a disgrace to our nation, culminating in the January 6th act of sedition at the US Capital. Four people died and fourteen law enforcement officers were injured (as of this writing). The Capital building was desecrated with property damage and hanging a confederate flag. And still Bergman voted against the election results and his most recent press release persists in spreading lies of voter fraud. We cannot have Democracy without Truth – it is the only way to make an informed vote. Lies have consequences.

Bergman and others created the fertile ground for the sedition that occurred. He is not defending Democracy or our constitution, he is destroying it.

There are many of you who doubt; who think what I write is opinion only. Let me quote Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on the days events: “They tried to disrupt our Democracy. They failed. They failed.”

I ask all elected officials who tried to disrupt and destroy our Democracy — including Bergman — to immediately resign. Open a seat for someone — anyone, Republican or Democrat — with a reasonable interest in Truth, Democracy, the Constitution. Preferably, someone from Northern Michigan and not Louisiana for Michigan’s 1st district.




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