Civics and COVID

To the Journal editor:

COVID came to the island of Taiwan about the same time it came to the U.S. Unlike the U.S., Taiwanese leaders didn’t make comforting speeches; they took immediate action.

The 500 Taiwanese initially testing positive for the virus were subjected to immediate mandatory quarantine and exhaustive contact tracing. The result? COVID deaths in Taiwan from March until now total seven.Not seven thousand. Seven!

Meanwhile, Florida which has slightly fewer people than Taiwan, has had 19,700 Floridians die from COVID. Florida governor Ron DeSantis, in an effort to appease Trump, refused to lock down Florida until it was too late to contain the virus because interrupting commerce would be bad for business. As a result, nearly 20,000 Floridians have paid the ultimate price.

Jack Bergman fouled himself by signing onto an amicus brief suggesting that the votes of Michiganders should be ignored …. State Rep. Greg Markkanen, too, reportedly supported this idiotic effort to disenfranchise Michigan voters. You’d think a retired general officer and a former civics teacher might have a modicum of respect for democracy.

How about supporting business-first by having our federal government provide interim financial support for businesses and their employees who can’t and shouldn’t work during a raging epidemic, Jack?

So while Michigan’s elected Republicans mewl and (complain) about how much they care about gubernatorial overreach, in Taiwan, business is thriving. Stores are open, restaurants are packed, and their economy has actually expanded.

(The administration’s) incompetent handling of the virus has resulted in 300,000 deaths which could of and should of been avoided by decisive leadership. Why 70,000,000 Americans apparently approve of this obvious grifter I will never understand.

Appealing to our darkest human instincts might work for some, but the virus is not impressed. Neither should we be.


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