Bergman was right

To the Journal editor:

Lately in letters to the editor there has been a constant trashing of U.S. Rep. Jack Bergman, R-Watersmeet.

To me he is a hero. My vote was disenfranchised like millions of others.

The writers of these letters claim that the election was legitimate, secure and honest, contrary to the evidence of massive fraud and cheating. One must have been living under a rock or been listening only to the Main Stream Media to not see the corruption.

(I believe) the evidence of fraud is massive. But why bother looking for it since the hatred for the president is so intense.

For those who claim everything was legit I dare you to prove it. Proving the integrity of the so called honest election should be no problem for the Democrats,

If anything, the Democrats should be eager to show transparency and prove us conservatives wrong. It will be easier for them to find a chicken with lips.

I challenge anybody to a hundred dollar coin toss. You get $100 if you call the correct heads or tails and the rules are simple. You stand 20 feet away from me, I toss the coin. You call it when it’s in the air. I catch it and slap it on my wrist and cover it with my hand, I take a quick peak and tell you what it is. You are not allowed to see it. I win. You lose. Sound familiar?


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