Ask God for help

To the Journal editor:

Some thoughts about the season of Christmas.

First, it’s really about Jesus being born and the message of God’s love and if we choose to follow the path Jesus showed us while he was on this earth. Seems that from when I was a child in the 1940s and early 1950s, we did remember Christmas was going to church to worship the birth of Christ.

Also family gatherings and most of all just be thankful for each other, a roof over our head, some food and a warm place. If we got one gift that was OK. No stores open 24 hours or starting Christmas in October. I can’t believe how much stuff is in the stores. Buy more is the word. It’s Happy Holidays.

Get more and be happy. How long will this go on. Time will tell. I’m just glad I’ve come to celebrate the real meaning of Christmas. Help those in need, bring the message of love of Jesus to those who will listen.

With COVID not geting better, how about people praying and ask for God’s help.

With COVID virus not getting better it might be a message from the Lord to come back to what really matters. Love of family and friends and be happy with just the things we need and lastly thank God for the best gift ever, his son Jesus, a real Christmas celebration.

Merry Christmas to all and God’s blessings.


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