Women’s Center is grateful for support

To the Journal editor:

I am always impressed by the community support that so many non-profits in our region receive from local citizens. Just a short time ago, the Women’s Center asked the public to support its food pantry. We do have an emergency shelter, but we also provide food and supplies for our outreach clients in both Alger and Marquette County. They come to us with basic needs to help them get through to their next paycheck.

Due to pandemic, our pantries for our shelter and our outreach offices were getting to be quite low. With the TV6 Canathon going virtual and regular donations being stopped, we suddenly felt so vulnerable and asked for help. What a response we received!

I want to thank the many people who stopped in and dropped off canned goods, pastas, and cereals. Our pantry is full and we are so thankful. Thank you also to Swick Plumbing and Heating for purchasing eight turkeys for our clients. Once again, Marquette pulls through for those in need and that is why I am so proud to call the Upper Peninsula my home. Yooper pride!


Executive Director,

The Women’s Center



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