Logic not consistent

To the Journal editor:

I’m trying hard during these difficult times to understand the rationale behind the decisions to keep some of our educational institutions and government entities open and close others.

Somehow the logic of some of these decisions escapes me and leaves me with the following questions:

How can we advocate for an early release of parole eligible prisoners yet still send second and third graders to school for in classroom instruction?

How can we close our school board meetings to the public, discourage hunters from going to camp and limit holiday family gatherings but still send our high school football team’s downstate in a bus?

How can we keep our universities open with the students coming and going within the community and the relatively high infection rates and think we can somehow manage the unmanageable?

How can we close down our in person public meetings at all levels of government and close down our local Secretary of State’s office for several days yet continue to keep our schools open?

How can we justify the NMU hockey team testing each player three times per week when our county health department and local hospitals are telling us there are not enough tests to go around?

I could go on and on but I think most people understand where I’m coming from and hopefully our educators, government officials and politicians will get the message and act appropriately.

In closing, I appreciate the coverage The Mining Journal has provided on this subject and other issues affecting us locally.

I also appreciate the efforts by our Governor, public health organizations and schools to control the virus but hope they will be a little more consistent with their decision making in the future.

Thanks for keeping us informed and keep up the good work.





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