COVID’s impact continues

To the Journal editor:

The COVID-19 pandemic is not a hoax. Look at the front page of The Mining Journal. The numbers of cases reported are your neighbors, family members, your friends. Marquette County like the rest of the nation is in real trouble.

This pandemic demands sacrifice and difficult choices for the sake of our family, our neighbors, our most vulnerable residents, our caregivers, doctors, nurses and essential workers. The upcoming Thanksgiving holiday gatherings and deer camp can spread COVID to our dearest friends and family.

We need to think in terms that will keep each other safe. As hard as it is to consider, postpone travel and large family Thanksgiving dinners to next year. Plan a small gathering of your immediate family and zoom or face time a visit on Thanksgiving.

Consider canceling deer camp with friends this year. Wait until next year. The Michigan Department of Health and Human services suggests including no more than two households gathering indoors and not more than 10 people.

Look at “COVID-19 Considerations for Hunters” at: Michigan.gov/Coronavirus for guidance which may help you prevent the spread of COVID 19 at deer camp. This virus is in our community and we are spreading this to each other.

We know super spreader events are large gatherings where masks are not used. But COVID is spread when people from different households gather indoors and are eating and drinking. Now CDC reports pregnant women are at increased risk for severe outcomes, associated with COVID-19.

The way out of this pandemic will take all of us to:

≤ Stay home if you are sick

≤ Wear a mask when you are out

≤ Maintain 6 feet or more social distance from people outside your own family

≤ Wash your hands frequently

≤ If you think you have been exposed to COVID get tested

≤ If you are called by contract tracers answer their questions to protect others

≤ Quarantine yourself while you await the results of the test so that you avoid potentially spreading COVID 19 during this waiting period.

As tired as you are of hearing this advice, we need to do it. We are a community that cares. Harbor House, Janzen House, Trillium House, Room at the Inn, Propylon, The Medical Care Access Coalition are evidence of our county’s compassion and commitment to work together to protect each other. MASK UP Marquette County.

The life you save may be someone dear to you.


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