Common sense should prevail

To the Journal editor:

The coronavirus is spreading, and not because of “more testing.”For most of the early summer, the positivity rate in our area was around 1.5%. Some testing sites have seen 20% positivity ratings for consecutive days in mid-October.

When we look at hospital capacity, this means not only the ability of our local hospitals to provide care for those who are ill, it also means the capacity of health care providers to be there when needed.

Hospital staff are often required to quarantine, or may be out due to unrelated illness, which dramatically impacts staffing levels.

I have not seen my adult children since February and March. I, too, have “corona fatigue” like so many others. But complacency and fatigue cannot excuse reckless behavior. My Thanksgiving will be a virtual holiday this year.

Before you think of family gatherings, large groups at hunting camp, birthday parties, weddings, and yes, funerals, think of public health. Cold weather indoor gatherings are driving the virus count out the roof.

To me, Yooper Strong means supporting our community by following public health guidance … wear a mask, socially distance, avoid large indoor gatherings, wash your hands often, and realize that your health is not dependent on what you do, it’s what we all do to protect each other.


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