Voting important

To the Journal editor:

I hope that you find your way to vote on or before Tuesday. Encourage your friends, neighbors, family members and coworkers to have their say.

You have many options, so vote using whatever method is most comfortable for you. Know that your desired method is not any better than someone else’s choice. Your vote will be counted exactly once thanks to our local clerks, officials, and volunteers.

Remember that you are able to fill out a ballot in any way that you choose. None of us know everything and none of us can see into the future, so weigh the options and make the most informed decision that you can. Whomever you choose, be appreciative for the opportunity to choose for yourself.

Most importantly, do not forget to respect the choices of others. The two-party system works. There are checks and balances that work. Both sides have perfectly valid views and ideas that contribute to a successful society. We are so lucky to have it this way.

When Tuesday comes and goes, be thankful that you get to vote and be a part of your government. This year, grant some extra patience to those tasked with giving us reliable results. When the results are known, show humility in victory and don’t give up hope in defeat. Be an American.

Do your part and be grateful.


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