Stay on the high road

To the Journal editor:

Here we are into September. Some changes as we read and hear on the news, it’s not too good. Still have unrest in parts of the country. Also the COVID-19 is still with us. I hope that we as a country can come back to caring more for all people. Those in Washington will start telling the truth of what’s going on.

We do have a lot of medical people doing a great job with the virus. Plus I support our police as their job is not easy with the new marijuana stores and many breweries drinking etc. I know about the overuse of alcohol drugs. It almost ended my life 34 years ago. If used in a respectful manner that’s fine.

But many times it’s not that way. Being in recovery I seen many pass away or end up in trouble with the law so for the police it’s added stress. Time will tell as to what happens with more using of drugs, alcohol, pills etc. It’s not good. So how about the next change. The fall season, a time to really enjoy the beauty of the trees turning color. Fresh air. No bugs. Time to get out before the white stuff comes, snow and winter.

For me, I am staying on the spiritual path. The Lord is my shepherd, makes me lie down in green pastures and beside the still waters. The beginning of Psalm 23. Many good verses after the ones I mentioned. And we in the U.P. still have green pastures and many still waters to go out and see.

I remember six winters spent in Benson, Arizona. No water, a lot of sand and rock. Desert they call it.

Finally, I also say thanks to firefighters and our U.S. Coast Guard men and women at the Marquette station. Ready to save you if you’re in peril. Not to mention our many other service men and women protecting our freedom serving in the Army, Navy, Marines and Air Force.

And being a U.S. Coast Guard and U.S. Air Force veteran, my hat’s off to my fellow veterans who served our country. God Bless to them and the U.S.

Hope for changes that will bring good news that we need.


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