Ray has earned support

To the Journal editor:

When election day rolls around this November, please vote for Jen Ray for a seat on the Marquette Area Public Schools Board of Education.

I’ve worked in various capacities with Jen over the years. We’re both very good friends, and also share a love of education and children. She is intelligent, industrious, community-minded, and interested in the world. Spend a few minutes talking with her and you’ll feel her compassion and positivity.

Because people matter to Jen.

She is the type of person that leans in, celebrates with you, cries with you, and always, always has time for you. It’s a fantastic feature of her personality that allows this level of interest and empathy to resonate with everyone she interacts with. I’ve never met anyone so willing to champion other people. It doesn’t matter what your beliefs are, if you approach the world with kindness, she’ll be your friend forever.

As a future school board member, she is excited for the long-term partnering of business, education, and community. In the short term, as we absorb the new reality of pandemic-avoidance education, Jen will fight for whatever becomes necessary so that the MAPS school district can deliver a superior education safely.

We all know an individual or two who has the personality and smarts to rise to the challenge of any situation thrown at them. Jen is one of those people. If you have concerns about our children’s education and want those concerns to be heard by an empathetic, sincere school board representative, then vote for Jen Ray Nov. 3.


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