Jen and Jenn supported

To the Journal editor:

I am a Marquette resident with two young daughters about to enter the public school system. Myself and my wife, Brianne, would like to display our support for Jen Ray and Jenn Klipp for the MAPS School Board of Education.

Brianne was raised and educated in Marquette, I arrived in 2004 to attend NMU. Over the past 15 years, Brianne and I have grown to know both Jen and Jenn, as well as their families. During graduate school I was an employee of Jen’s and in that time I saw firsthand her dedication to family, community, and her employees. I hold her values and judgement in high regard and will continue to look to her as a parenting mentor.

Brianne and I both firmly believe our school system and community will be very fortunate to have them sit on the Board of Education. We look forward to casting our votes in their favor.

Thank you,




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