Backing Plourde

To the Journal editor:

I’d like to voice my hope that people will vote for Mike Plourde for the Marquette City Commission this fall.

I have known and worked with Mike in our capacities with the Department of Corrections and after since 1998. In that time I have always known Mike to be well prepared and well informed on everything that came under his authority as the person responsible for the training of staff at a maximum security prison, a difficult task but one done extremely well.

When confronted with an opposing viewpoint (and we’ve had a few) he was always willing to listen and consider the point prior to reaching a conclusion.

In this day and age, and with what we see on the news every night, being able to listen to an opposing view and not brushing it off out of hand is what we need.

Mike and I particularly agree on his views of how the people of Marquette are losing the views of Lake Superior to development. Lake Superior is one of, if not the biggest thing that sets this city apart from all others. Who doesn’t like to see the lake as they drive to and from work or school every day?

We need to protect what is left of the views from the city that we have of this incredible treasure. Seeing the backside of condos instead of the sun on the lake is painful. I believe Mike will fight to protect what makes Marquette special.

I’ve never known Mike to be anything other than honest, forthright and personable with everybody that he comes in contact with. Please consider Mike Plourde when it comes time to cast your ballot this fall.


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