Two value systems to chose between

To the Journal editor:

This November we’ll choose between two very different value systems. One is Democracy, based on our Constitution, an empowering collaboration based on mutual regard for other people and facts. Democracy builds institutions that protect the vulnerable and maximize common good.

The other is attacking Democracy. It does “whatever it takes” to win, degrading and mocking both people and facts. “Whatever it takes,” including outright deceit, has caught America off guard and fooled many people. But violating social standards (honesty, accountability) erodes relationships, destroys trust, and signals how desperate the former GOP is to grasp autocratic power.

Democracy is deeply rooted in our traditional American way of laws, social trust, and responsibility. We’re familiar with how this system works, so we know what to expect. “Business as usual” can be slow because rules are followed, so the progress it brings is incremental. But progress does come from our shared social contract to recognize and protect every human life equally.

Don’t take for granted our individual rights, like voting. Many Americans are blind to the dangers of autocracy — witness strongman Putin’s Russia. This is exactly what we fought to escape in 1776. Our President is not only flirting with dictators, he’s making an audacious grab for power. He’s dismantling our Post Office — removing thousands of sorting machines and mailboxes. Polling places are being closed, all so Americans cannot vote fairly.

I urge you to use your precious opportunity to vote. Let’s defend our way of life and defeat this autocrat.


Durango, Colorado


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