‘One for all, all for one’

To the Journal editor:

As anyone having served in the military knows, the effectiveness of a unit depends on “One for All, All for One” or “No man left behind”. Unit cohesiveness and effectiveness decreases or may even fail without this commitment. These concepts now apply to all of us across the United States with Covid-19. With rights and freedom come obligations and responsibilities for the common good. We all should have followed the scientific guidelines of wearing personal protection, social distancing and washing hands as recommended by epidemiologists to be able to fight the pandemic.

In contrast, South-Korea was faced with the Covid-19 pandemic several weeks before us. Their leaders immediately implemented scientific recommendations resulting by August 21st in only 324 deaths for a nation of 52 million people. Based on a population comparison between the two nations and 175,000 deaths in our country, our death rate is 85 times greater. South-Korea’s rapid response allowed it to open up its economy and schools safely. In difference, with our pandemic continuing, our loss of life, school closures and damage to our economy keep piling up. This debacle is the responsibility of our President and his Republican enablers ignoring science, despite our country having the world’s leading scientists.

Remember for the upcoming November election, a true leader seeks advice, admits mistakes and serves the interest of our nation, none of which President Trump is capable of.


Durango, Colorado


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